COVID-19 Message/Update

While we are all adapting to a new workstyle and “normal” through social distancing in response to COVID-19, the Asurest team wants to reaffirm and update you on all that we are doing to take preventative and cautious measures during this time.  First, the Asurest model has always offered a cleaner, safer experience than a traditional law firm.  Instead of potentially traveling to a busy lawyer’s office space with no control over the outside exposure of colleagues and other clients, we provide one lawyer, who meets you in the comfort of your own home or place of preference.  This model offers clear benefits for children, seniors, and other potentially immunocompromised groups. However, with the continued spread of the coronavirus, our team was provided an opportunity to examine our process and look for additional ways to ensure the health and safety of our clients. We’ve responded to this challenge with the following new measures:

  • Teleconference meetings:  By holding the initial discussion over the phone or Internet, physical interactions are cut in half, leaving only the signing as an in-person experience.  This also cuts the amount of time in close proximity by around 85% (Roughly 70 minutes for discussion and signing down to just ten for the signing).

  • Joint signings: When possible, we’re also combining signings, allowing one client to serve as witness for another client and vice versa.  Obviously, this requires the consent of all parties, but further minimizes social interaction.

  • Public space signings:  For clients seeking to avoid any visitors in their home, signings in an open, public space (like a park or open patio) are now an option.

  • Cleanliness: As always, document pages are confined in plastic sheets and placed in a binder before being delivered to clients.  Because most studies indicate the coronavirus can remain on surfaces three days, leaving these documents in their plastic sleeves for at least this time should eliminate much of the risk of infection from the paper.

The outbreak has caused much concern and uncertainty and we’re doing our part to alleviate those concerns and keep you healthy and safe.  Whether you are finding more time on your hands, or are hoping to stay productive- call our team to begin the planning process for your family. Our team is here to help.

Sites for three days statistic:

If you have any question please contact us.

Documents provided by Asurest are part of flat-rate packages, so you can rest assured there will be no hidden fees, no surcharges, no surprises.

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