When you are already dealing with so much we can help you with our probate services.

Losing a loved one is always difficult.  Time spent grieving with family can be one of the few activities that eases the pain.  Unfortunately, for those who have been named Executor under a family member’s Will, or who have lost someone with no Will at all, the time that should be devoted to recovering can often instead be spent appearing in court, filling out confusing paperwork, and providing a tedious accounting of assets and expenses.  By the time you’re ready to process the loss, family members have often moved on. Worse, because of stress, grief, and differences of opinion on how the estate should be handled, family disputes often arise and relationships become strained. Most people know at least one story of a family torn apart at a time like this, which is a terrible way to compound an already painful loss.  Settling an estate shouldn’t shortchange your emotional recovery or damage important relationships with loved ones.

If this sounds familiar to you or someone you know, Asurest can help. We understand how overwhelming probate can seem, especially to someone unfamiliar with the process. We’ve helped many clients navigate its treacherous waters. Driving to a lawyer’s unfamiliar office to have a difficult conversation is one of the last things anyone wants to do, so we come to you to discuss options in the comfort of your own home. Together we’ll put a plan in place that will ease your burden, keep the peace with your family, and minimize the interference this responsibility has in your life.

Let’s discuss options in the comfort of your own home, or over the phone.

Call today or click below to get started. A short phone call and you’ll be one step closer to fulfilling your obligation. Stop stressing over frustrating and confusing legal forms and get some assistance from compassionate, experienced professionals. Click below to get started or call us today 804-525-9924.

  • Initial strategy and planning meeting to get the “lay of the land”
  • Coaching session to discuss deadlines and overview
  • Help and coaching to prepare you for the qualification meeting
  • Preparation of required probate documents (Notice requirements, Inventory, etc.)
  • Estate distribution and accounting

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